30th Anniversary Abbotswick 

Diocesan House of Prayer Celebration : 8th July 2017

The House of Prayer will have been officially established for 30 years in 2017.  We are planning to mark this wonderful occasion on 8th July 2017 with a very special day here at Abbotswick.  We will be welcoming everyone who has been part of Abbotswick’s rich tapestry over the years as well as those who have added their stitches in more recent times.  We would be grateful if you could share your wonderful memories of the House of Prayer, both old and new with us by contacting us now.  Further details will follow and for more information, please call 01277 373959.  All are               welcome!

Brentwood News March 2017 Edition : The Community of Our Lady of Walsingham and Abbotswick Diocesan House of Prayer  

The Community of Our Lady of Walsingham will leave the Diocesan House of Prayer at Abbotswick from 31st July 2017.  For some time, the Sisters have been living and working in Abbotswick and at Walsingham.  They have determined that with limited numbers they are unable to sustain a valid and gospel-effective presence in both places.  Bishop Alan expressed gratitude to the Community for their generous presence and ministry in the diocese and wished them well in the future.

The Future of Abbotswick Diocesan House of Prayer  

Traditionally, Abbotswick closes for the month of August.  There are        exciting plans in formation with regard to the future role that Abbotswick will play in the diocese when it reopens at a time yet to be decided.  More information will be available in due course.







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